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Accent Modification

Accent Modification

An accent is a distinctive way in which speech is pronounced by a group of people from a particular region, social class, or location. There are two specific types of accents:

Foreign accents: Speech patterns/sound patterns from a native language which acts as a language barrier to the pronunciation of a new language being learned. For example, a person that speaks Russian fluently and then learns English as an adult will sound differently than someone from America that speaks primarily English.

Regional accents: Speech patterns from a region that are different from another region. For example, a person from Mississippi will typically sound different from someone that is from Minnesota.

Transcendent Accents, LLC is Charlotte’s premier Accent Modification agency and the only Accent Modification agency in the Charlotte area recognized by the Institute of Language and Phonology. We provide the Compton Pronouncing English as a Second Language (PESL) program, which is a proven method of accent modification techniques and pronunciation improvement for non-native and regional American English speakers. It is a highly-structured, evidence-based approach and studies demonstrate increases in pronunciation clarity and accuracy of at least 50% by the majority of clients who complete the training program. The PESL program begins where conventional English as a Second Language (ESL) courses end. All courses are completely customized to each client’s specific accent patterns and pronunciation proficiency level.

Our 7-week and 12-week programs are equivalent with what a college course would cost; however, you receive individual attention, materials are included, and you know how to apply your skills to real life by the end of the program. This can’t be said about college courses taken on a campus or online.

  • 7-week program is designed for individuals with mild to moderate foreign or regional accents
  • 12-week program is designed for individuals with moderate to heavy foreign or regional accents
  • An intensive 3-day weekend program is offered for clients that have limited time to commit to our traditional 7-week or 12-week programs and are priced according to a full day of sessions.

All programs:

  • Include a comprehensive speech analysis
  • Thorough discussion of individual speech objectives
  • Practice activities specific to your speech analysis and weekly sessions
  • Provided in person in our Charlotte office or Worldwide via a video web-based platform

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