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Corporate Speech Therapy

Corporate Speech Therapy

Corporate Speech Therapy specializes in developing speech and language skills for adults that is appropriate to the speaking situation. Services offered during Corporate Speech Therapy include the following (but are not limited to):

  • Rate of speech: Are you able to maintain comfortable speaking rate? Do you have strategies to slow down if your mind is racing as you speak?
  • Fluency (stuttering): Do you present with sound, syllable or whole word repetitions? Is your speech characterized by prolongations of single sounds (e.g., ffffffishing)? Or do you present with blocks of airflow/voicing during speech?
  • Sound repertoire: How clear is your pronunciation? Can it be more eloquent?
  • Presentation skills and awareness of communication styles as it relates to one’s personal image and confidence: Can you make contact when networking or during small talk? Can you persuade, advocate, and assert? Do you know how to effectively and efficiently give a presentation to 20+ individuals?


The Corporate Speech Therapy services provided by Transcendent Accents, LLC has allowed numerous managers and their counterparts to learn the various skills required to effectively communicate in large and small group settings. Our services have also provided correct knowledge on how to articulate thoughts appropriately, how to use figurative language/idioms correctly in the workplace, and how to use body language when presenting in the office setting. During our 10-week program, previous clients have noted growth in their confidence and no longer present with communication inhibitions.

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